You’re Buying A New House, Should You Have It Inspected?

Buying a new home can be exciting! Oh that new house smell… Unfortunately, some buyers can end up with a sour smell if their ‘new’ house doesn’t feel ‘new’. Construction sites don’t always lend themselves to keep a new house tidy and clean, work boots have a way of wanting to dirty the new carpet. This user a Reddit ask the question:

Should we have a new construction spec/inventory home inspected?

Yes; any inspection items are added to a ‘punch list’ and are accounted for in the ‘punch list walkthrough’.

The point I would like to elaborate on in this: Most builders want to get the hell out of dodge after construction and don’t want to have to go back through and deal with issues. It’s losing them time and money from their next project. Most of these issues will be put into the warranty period, which they sub contract out to another group that will come back in and do the work. The problem that can sometimes happen, is all of the burden is then put on YOU to have to arrange for construction crews to come back into your new house — you essentially become the supervisor.

If possible, insist on these punch list items be addressed prior to closing since this is your only leverage to get things done the way they should be. Once you close, you loose almost all of your leveraging power.

Best of luck to you and all new home buyers!

Source: The opinion of this licensed real estate broker in Denver, CO

chase citrowski